Becoming a Volunteer

Thinking of becoming a CFA volunteer?  CFA volunteers come from all walks of life: mums, dads, professionals, tradespeople, students, unpaid professionals, retirees – everyone is welcome to apply.

Do I have to live in a CFA area to volunteer?

Yes, you need to live reasonably close to your local brigade.

What will it cost to become a member of CFA?

The only cost to become a CFA Volunteer is your time. All training and equipment is provided by CFA as it is needed.

How many hours a week will I have to commit to?

The time commitment will depend on the type of role that you choose. Generally the Brigade will train weekly and hold meetings monthly, plus any incidents that occur. You will be able to discuss your availability with the Brigade Management Team to find a role that suits you best.

Who can join?

The minimum age to become a CFA member is 16 years (16 & 17 years olds will need parental consent). People from all walks of life become CFA Volunteers, including young people, women of all ages, active retirees and people from culturally diverse communities.

How do I join?

Go to our Requirements page for more information and to download our expression of interest form.